Message from the sponsor

RBC Royal Bank is pleased to sponsor the 11th Annual Research Day held by the University of the West Indies Clinical Programme, The Bahamas. For over a century RBC and our employees have been an integral part of The Bahamas helping causes, supporting needs, and giving back to the communities we serve.
Supporting research and educational initiatives that will improve the health of Bahamians is a core area of focus for our community involvement programmes. Our goal is to provide sponsorships and donations that will have a lasting social impact.

The medical research conducted through this programme will benefit a wide spectrum of persons in The Bahamas and wider Caribbean. The key accomplishments of the Research Unit since its formation are impressive. These accomplishments, along with the University of the West Indies’ excellent track record in training Bahamian medical professionals have made this an ideal partnership for success.

We look forward to working with you now and in the future.

Nathaniel Beneby,
Managing Director,
RBC Royal Bank, Northern Caribbean