Message from The Minister of Health

It is indeed an honour to bring greetings to such an esteemed group of medical doctors, professionals and students at this, the University of The West Indies’ 11th Annual Research Day, under the theme “Obesity in The Bahamas: Are We theBiggest Losers?”  I wish at this time to extend a warm welcome to my fellow medical colleagues from throughout the region who specialize in the field of Public Health, Food and Nutrition for accepting the invitation to present at this much needed forum. I wish to express my gratitude and that of The Bahamas Government for your willingness to impart your knowledge and sharing your experience relative to the theme and topics outlined in the two-day programme. These intervention undoubtedly will allow for the sharing of strategic views on the challenges of obesity in The Bahamas and also would under-score the need for more research.

Accordingly, I must applaud the work of The University of The West Indies School of Clinical Medicine and Research, Nassau Campus for such a timely workshop and congratulate you on the continued growth of this annual assembly which this year has introduced a new component to the programme – the writer/publication workshop which will aid in meeting your mission – “to facilitate the improvement of health of the people of The Commonwealth of The Bahamas through clinical research that will produce valuable knowledge for the prevention and management of diseases, and formulation of health policies and programmes”.

On behalf of the Government of The Bahamas I pledge my Ministry’s continued support and I wish you every success.


Honourable  Dr. Duane  Sands MP
Minister Of Health