Morton Frankson


Dr. Morton Anthony Carvo Frankson, MBBS, MPH

Lecturer in Epidemiology, Biostatistics and Bioethics

Ethical stakeholder involvement in a personalized manner, whether in promoting wellness or in actualizing community oriented medical education and research has been a persistent passion of Dr. Tony Frankson. His career commenced in the year 1977 as then he has practiced as a physician , public health professional and more recently academician. A graduate of both the University of the West Indies and Loma Linda University, Dr. Frankson has served as a hospital-based medical officer with Jamaica’s Ministry of Health and Environment, the Medical Officer of Health with a USAID funded community-oriented primary health care project delivered intensively over a 6 year period in Trench Town, Jamaica via the Adventist Development and Relief Agency (ADRA), as both a university-based and private evaluation researcher in California assessing several federal grant-funded health related projects in California, USA, as the coordinator of the Youth Development and Teen Pregnancy Reduction Project of the Riverside-San Bernardino Counties Indian Health Service in California, USA, as the Chief Medical Officer within the Ministry of Health of the government of the Turks and Caicos Islands, and presently enjoys research and teaching in the

Commonwealth of The Bahamas.
For the past 13 years his salutary contribution has been as an academician bolstering clinical research employing participatory empowering approaches with medical professionals and related graduate as well as undergraduate students located at both Mona, Jamaica, and Nassau, Bahamas facilities of the University of the West Indies. Over that period he has co-supervised the research of over 100 research projects executed with collaborating academic stakeholders and has relentlessly tackled related challenges, including improving peer-reviewed dissemination of findings.