Desiree Cox


Dr. Desirée Cox MD,PhD.
Health Care Consultant & Honorary Professor

Dr. Desirée Cox is a rare and uniquely multi-gifted, successful woman not only in her chosen academic field but as a creative visual artist, writer and singer. She is passionate about innovation in healthcare and is internationally recognized for her contribution in medicine and healthcare.  She is the first Bahamian to win a Rhodes Scholarship and the first female British Caribbean Rhodes Scholar. She earned a BSc (Honors) in Quantum Chemistry from McGill University, Canada; her degree in Medicine specializing in psychiatry from Oxford University, England; and her Masters and PhD in History of Medicine and History and Philosophy of the Sciences from Cambridge University, England.

She has been a guest lecturer at both Oxford and Cambridge Universities, as well as top-tier Universities such as Rutgers University, The Sorbonne and the Hong Kong Polytechnic University and is a former University Professor and Honorary Professor of Creativity, Health & Wellbeing at the University of Exeter, England. She has been recognized by the British Medical Journal as a ‘Renaissance Woman’ for her application of psychological medicine to real world problems. She is the deserving recipient of many notable awards and fellowships and has published papers in numerous trade journals.

She has rightly earned her place as a ‘thought-leader’ in health and education applying her expertise to a variety of issues pertaining to the social determinants of health. She is an international Health Consultant with many top companies including leading pharmaceutical companies such as Amgen, GSK, Norvartis. More recently she has been spearheading the development of the Stem Cell and Regenerative Medicine industry in The Bahamas and the implementation and integration of exponential and digital technologies in The Bahamas, the Caribbean and Latin America. She is the Founder of the health innovation incubator, the HEALinc (

Although her many accomplishments are almost dauntingly significant, she is very much a ‘people person’ charming and approachable with impeccable analytical and communication skills for unravelling the most complex of subjects. A conversation with Dr. Desirée Cox will remind you that the human mind is limitless.___________________________________________